Mitigating Insurance Claims Using Links & Connections

Looking at how individuals are connected can be a powerful way to defend and mitigate claims and is one of many ways NetWatch can assist

What is a Links Investigation?

At NetWatch we are frequently tasked to look at whether there are connections between different people or organisations for many reasons, whether its just connecting two people together or whole networks.

How are links located?

Within NetWatch we specialise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and as such we only seek to locate evidence of links and connections from public sources. The advantage of this is that any intelligence located which shows that two people are connected can be used as evidence in court if necessary.

Typically links might be located in three areas;

  • Residency Data showing that people have lived together or spent time living as neighbours
  • Company Records which indicate that people have spent time working at the same business
  • Social Media links which can demonstrate that people are directly, or indirectly connected

Defending Insurance Claims with Links

There are a number of ways that finding out if people are connected can be extremely useful to defending an insurance claim. However, there are three instances in which we find this services the most useful.

Ascertaining if witnesses are truly independent

It’s not unusual for a claimant to suddenly provide details of a witness out of the blue, and this can often raise alarm bells. It’s useful to find out if there are any unknown connections between the witness and third party!

Investigating Staged Accidents

Occasionally a claims handler will suspect that an accident is staged, where it involves multiple parties it might be useful to ascertain if they are connected. For example a two vehicle collision with multiple occupants will look far more suspicious if all the occupants of the different vehicles are connected to one another, and this can provide extremely powerful evidence!

Investigating Fraud Rings

Sometimes there are huge networks of fraudsters that are potentially known to each other, in these instances where claims are otherwise difficult to defend – it may be possible to throw all of them out if the links can be proved. In the past we have investigated extensive networks and located evidence of mass networks, identified enablers and proof of claims farming through looking at the links and connections

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