Sustainability at NetWatch

Notes on our sustainability efforts can be found here - Last update December 2021

Having launched our initial strategy toward making NetWatch a greener company in 2019, we have made great progress on our sustainability journey.

Going forward our ongoing efforts will be showcased online and you will be able to find our latest notes here and within the blog area.

Ashleigh Barratt co-ordinates and tracks our sustainability efforts within NetWatch, and can be contacted on You can also read the blog post launching this page through the link below.


NetWatch uses a 100% renewable electricity tariff. Home and hybrid working has been embraced by our staff and as such we are continuing to offer this to staff on an ongoing basis. We therefore expect to see our energy consumption continue fluctuating for at least six months as working life settles into a pattern again and we will be monitoring it closely. While hybrid working can be beneficial in reducing the emissions caused by commuting, it does pose a new problem in monitoring energy consumption.

While working away from the office, staff will be heating and lighting their homes and powering their work equipment and this can lead to a secret bubble of emissions arising from our work processes which must be taken into consideration. Accurately measuring and reporting this can be difficult and the most important vector for change in this regard relies on the co-operation and incentivisation of staff. To this end, we are looking to introduce incentives to encourage staff to use renewable energy sources at home, though this is currently on hold due to recent issues in the energy supplier market.


As our office at Alpha Tower is in the heart of Birmingham, it offers our staff excellent public transportation connections and micro-mobility facilities for commuting, such as e-scooters and e-bikes with pick-up locations near our office. NetWatch is also part of the Bike2Work scheme which enables staff to purchase bicycles and associated equipment, encouraging them to pursue greener modes of transport. Furthermore, Alpha Tower has excellent bicycle storage and maintenance facilities to accommodate this.

Prior to the March 2020 lockdown, several senior staff members would be frequently called to meetings with clients around the country but due to the progress made in virtual meetings during 2020 and 2021, this has become the ongoing preferred method of meetings and has contributed to a large reduction in business travel. Still, there are some aspects of our services – such as court attendances as expert witnesses – which require physical travel and we advise staff to utilise greener methods of travel where possible.


One of our landmark achievements in our sustainability journey came in 2019 with the introduction of our paperless system which has eliminated the majority of our paper usage. However, some of our processes still require paper copies to be sent and received due to the requirements of specific clients, which makes it difficult to completely remove paper from our processes. Nevertheless, we are committed to working with our clients and suppliers to further reduce our paper usage. Furthermore, our responsible purchasing guides for staff highlight the importance of only buying paper products from FSC sources and following best practices when printing necessary documents.

General Waste

Alpha Tower is on track to achieve 100% diversion of waste from landfill, though of course we expect this to fluctuate as tenants return to the office, and currently has a 67% recycling rate. As for our individual office, we expect staff to use the correct general waste and dry mixed recycling bins and ensure that proper consideration is given to the disposal of packaging and other waste and the potential for recycling or reusing prior to purchasing. NetWatch is committed to significantly reducing the presence of single-use plastics in our office and aims to do this by strict responsible purchasing policies and utilising Birmingham’s extensive sustainability resources and zero waste stores.

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