The Benefits of Choosing NetWatch for Surveillance

When partnering with NetWatch for your open-source intelligence requirements you also gain access to a wide range of more extensive surveillance options.

When partnering with NetWatch for your open-source intelligence requirements you also gain access to a wide range of more extensive surveillance options, from manned or unmanned surveillance to undercover operatives or even embedded in case you need to take your investigation to the next level.

NetWatch was born from within The Surveillance Group, the UK’s leading private surveillance company, back in 2013 – initially utilising more and more desk space within their headquarters until we outgrew it and moved into our own office building.

Although NetWatch is a totally separate company, with our own registration, information security accreditations, insurance and so on, we still maintain strong links with The Surveillance Group (TSG) and work closely with them for all our client’s surveillance needs. NetWatch have all the relevant information sharing agreements in place so that should the situation demand it, we can easily arrange surveillance on your behalf – and our long-standing working relationship means that we know what they need to deliver the best results.

Leveraging NetWatch to arrange surveillance

It is without doubt always sensible to undertake a thorough open-source intelligence investigation prior to considering surveillance. As a rule of thumb, you should have exhausted all less intrusive investigation options prior to moving ahead with surveillance, and this audit trail can help provide justification for activities such as surveillance. It may even be that surveillance is not even necessary if you can gather powerful intelligence from social media. However, sometimes surveillance is necessary and when it is needed it’s important that you choose a reliable partner.

When NetWatch arrange surveillance for our clients we always provide The Surveillance Group with everything they need. Our full sweep of the internet means that:

  • We have gathered identity shots of everyone that lives at the property to be observed
  • Identified key locations that the subject may visit, places of work, social establishments, family addresses etc
  • Established key dates that might be best for observation – based on potential sports activities, events the subject is known to be taking part in or otherwise
  • Confirmed the addresses to be watched and any potential issues
  • Our analysts are already fully au fait with the case and requirements of the client

Utilising NetWatch services alongside Surveillance

At NetWatch we don’t simple step away once we have passed the file over to The Surveillance Group for observations, whilst their case handlers are always going to ensure you get what you need – we continue to assist while the investigation is handled.

Whilst the case handlers at The Surveillance Group will have already been provided with social media details for the subject, where available NetWatch also provide The Surveillance Group with Temporary Intelligence Capture. This means that TSG’s operational managers will be provided with any actionable intelligence leading up to the surveillance activity and should anything come to light while observations are being undertaken.

Any evidence gathered through Temporary Intelligence Capture is also included within the final surveillance report – within an innovative timeline view to make it quick and easy to review the full evidence package. To read more about Temporary Intelligence Capture click here.

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