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Witness Location & Tracing


At Netwatch not only do we trace addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses and social media pages, we find complete details for people that you may only have partial information on. If you have located social media accounts and are not sure if it is the right person, then Netwatch can assist. We can also help if you have social media details but on the other hand need an address or contact number.

Every day Netwatch works hard for clients to trace witnesses, trace third parties or trace debtors. We often work with little or no information to trace those involved in road traffic incidents when no names are known.

Clients of Netwatch report higher trace success rates than with other providers, and we believe this is due to our extensive social media investigation capabilities and expertise. Not only do Netwatch search national records, but we also locate all social media accounts including for any family members. Interrogation of these accounts by our analysts will often provide more up to date and therefore accurate information.

As with any Netwatch service all our trace work is undertaken in line with relevant legislation and does not breach any privacy laws. We never look at private social media accounts, nor does our investigation ever leave any data footprint.

Once details have been traced Netwatch agents can make contact with the subject if necessary, and we are happy to take statements from witnesses or act to serve papers.

Netwatch can undertake trace work if you are seeking to locate a debtor, locate a new address for your customer or insured, locate contact details for a witness to an incident or road traffic accident, or locate contact details for benefactors.

Our trace work is undertaken on a sliding fee scale dependent upon how much detail is needed, and how quickly you need us to act. Where necessary, Netwatch can undertake a same day trace and return the new information to you within hours.

To instruct Netwatch to undertake a standard trace please email us at enquiries@netwatchglobal.com – all emails will be acknowledged within 24 hours. For a same day trace we would recommend that you call us on 0800 587 0175.

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