Dec 06 2021

Should surveillance operations change in line with the ‘new normal’?

Our colleagues at The Surveillance Group have produced a report on the changes in behaviour they have seen since the pandemic began, we are pleased to be able to make this report available for download here.

Our colleagues over at The Surveillance Group (TSG) last week produced a report detailing the changes they have witnessed in behaviour patterns since the end of the UK lockdown period. The report is based on data taken from the surveillance operations they have undertaken in the last 18 months with a particular focus on insurance claimants. The full report is available to download below.

CEO Tim Young commissioned the report on the back of a plethora of forecasters, journalists and commentators publicly stating that we are entering the ‘new normal’. Whilst life has certainly changed for a lot of people since the start of the pandemic it is interesting to see how these changes are manifested in the data, collated by a company that spends time watching people and examining behaviour for their clients.

Within the report TSG highlight the changes they have witnessed in the volume of people they have seen travelling to work, and split this down between office type work and people working in trades. They also reveal the amount of time those being observed have spent shopping – both in the week, at weekends and in evenings, how often food deliveries are witnessed and how much time people are spent undertaking DIY tasks. In terms of the latter, its perhaps no surprise that during the lockdown period sightings of people undertaking DIY more than trebled.

Download the TSG report into ‘Changes in claimant behaviour patterns since the end of lockdown’ here

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The report also contains data on how people are seen spending their leisure time and gives insight into the changes in time spent undertaking hobbies and activities. These include gardening, watching sports, participating in sports, walking, running, doing the school run, walking dogs and attending the gym.

Critically the report also contains comments from the company on the quality of results they are obtaining for clients, and how these vary based on if the observations are undertaken at the weekend, during evenings or in the day.

Whether we have reached a state of ‘new normal’ or if there will even be a ‘normal’ is not clear, but it’s worth taking a look at all the available data prior to planning any form of surveillance operation. Surveillance is available through NetWatch, more information is available HERE and if there is anything we can assist with please do not hesitate to contact us.

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