Jun 17 2022

Ordering Crime Reports via Rapid Police Reports

Instructions on how to use the Crime Reports request feature within Rapid Police Reports

After extensive development and user feedback, NetWatch is pleased to finally launch the first iteration of requesting Crime Reports to the Rapid Police Reports service.

This will enable users to request crime reports, as well as those related to collisions, securely from their browser.

We have generated this solution following liaison with police to confirm what is needed from us in order to make requests on behalf of insurance companies.

Placing a request through our online portal will auto-generate a completed Appendix D(b) form specific to your case, which will be emailed to you within minutes of submitting the instruction. A copy of the form is also available on the RPR portal, and can be edited in case you need to add further detail.

This Appendix form will then need to be signed by the policyholder or aggrieved person, before being returned to us via email to rpr@netwatchglobal.com. The policyholder will need to complete and sign the following items on page two of the form:

  • Consent, signature and date – bottom of page 1
  • Consent, signature and date – section 1, page 2

NetWatch are unable to request crime reports from police forces without the correct Appendix form being returned to us.

It is important to remember the following:

  • The form needs to be signed by the relevant individual within the last three months
  • The form needs NetWatch details on it, including our reference number
  • The policyholder needs to include a wet signature (i.e. not typed, such as ‘J SMITH’)

As such, if old forms or forms without NetWatch information are given to us, we will need to reject them and ask that a new form is signed by the policyholder.

We anticipate that this service will ensure that the correct request is made to the right police force for a crime report, ensuring that requests for reports are fulfilled and back in the hands of claims handlers quickly.

If you would like NetWatch to start sending the Appendix D(b) form directly to your policyholder – please ask your supplier manager to contact David Purcell via dpurcell@netwatchglobal.com