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Lauta Army – Racist abuse in Bulgarian football

Back in October 2019 the England men’s football team played an international qualifier against Bulgaria. During the match, a section of Bulgarian supporters racially abused several black English players, with images of the abuse transmitted around the world for all to see. We used OSINT techniques to find out more about who these people were… Read More…

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Perfect on Paper: The Prevalence of Fake Qualifications and their Impact

A NetWatch Investigation by Christian Georgiou, Junior Intelligence Analyst at NetWatch Global. Read More…

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Capture the Flag using OSINT techniques

Josh Bonser discusses the use of OSINT in interesting real world example

The situation

Actor Shia LaBeouf has Read More…

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Netwatch tackle increase in holiday sickness claims

Insurers have informed the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) that they have seen a recent significant increase in the number of bogus holiday illness claims. While the Claims Management Regulato Read More…

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Netwatch on Pet Fraud

Criminals defrauding pet insurance companies is currently on the rise and according to new figures from the ABI, is the fastest-growing area of all insurance crime. Recently, Netwatch Global have been instructed on a number of cases concerning claims Read More…

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Netwatch Assist Police Investigation

Since 2014 Netwatch have assisted the police with multiple investigations, the first of these was a serious racial assault that occurred at a prominent pub chain. The assault resulted in one of the victims sustaining a serious Read More…

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Netwatch Uncover Serial Offender

Netwatch were instructed by a leading insurance company to investigate the lifestyle and criminal background of an individual who had presented them with a potentially costly claim. Read More…

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Tianjin Explosions

On the 12th of August 2015 a series of massive explosions at Ruihai International Logisitics warehouses caused China’s worst industrial disaster in years. The explosions shattered windows and tore facades of buildings for miles around. Read More…

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Protests – Actionable Intelligence

NetWatch Global were approached by a global FMCG who were aware of protests due to take place at their AGM in London, and were concerned at the unknown prospect and risk they might be facing. Read More…

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Netwatch Exposes Fraudster

NetWatch Global was instructed by a top UK insurer facing a six-figure pay-out to investigate a claimant’s social media activity following an accident involving his motorbike. Read More…

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Nikon D610 SLR Camera

NetWatch Global were instructed when our client became suspicious that their insured may fraudulently be claiming for a large amount of stolen camera equipment. Read More…

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Slip & Trip Fraud Ring

NetWatch Global were instructed when our client received a tip off that an individual had been approaching people offering them money to make a claim against them. Read More…

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