Feb 21 2024

Why You Should Get an Updated Report From NetWatch

Avoid missing vital evidence with an updated report

It is not uncommon for insurance claims to take months or even years to resolve, and with such wide timescales accuracy is paramount to facilitate more informed decision making. Our reports provide a comprehensive and up to date look at claimants’ lives following an incident that has resulted in some form of claim, but what about the months that follow one of our reports? With cases taking so long to resolve, insurers could be leaving important evidence on the table.

There are many potential benefits to requesting an updated report, such as the insights from a previously private account; or taking advantage of our constantly evolving range of in-house tools and methodologies, to uncover information that we couldn’t before. We might have even investigated someone over the winter period who didn’t seem to be involved in many activities during the colder months, but what about that summer holiday to Ibiza they went on in July?

Below are three examples where updating an investigation provided essential information for our clients.

Case Study #1

Our first case study is a prime example of where private accounts in the initial report became public after the first investigation was completed, with a litany of further pertinent information being uncovered in a follow-up report. In this case, the claimant’s husband had previously utilised Instagram’s privacy feature during our first investigation. However, after receiving a request to update our investigation, we found that his account had become publicly accessible, allowing access to a plethora of relevant posts.

Said posts revealed evidence of the claimant attending an Elton John concert, travelling abroad and exercising, despite alleged injuries to her leg after being run over by a car.

Here are just a few snapshots of these examples.

Case Study #2

Our second case study highlights how requesting an updated report can be beneficial during an ongoing claim, as claimants frequently continue uploading pertinent information to their social media accounts even after one of our investigations.

In this instance, we received a request for an updated report approximately four months following our first investigation. In the time since, the claimant had featured in several posts by his partner, whom we were unable to identify in our previous investigation. As she had uploaded posts depicting her and the claimant together since our first report, we were now able to confirm their relationship as a couple, as well as the claimant’s ability to frequently travel abroad.

Please see some examples below from our updated report.

Case Study #3

As technology and the digital world continue to develop, so do our investigative techniques and tools. At NetWatch take pride in being innovators and in the range of tools that we’ve developed to assist our investigations. This case study highlights the value of our ever-evolving toolkit for updated investigations. Specifically Profile Finder+ 2.0, a new and refined version of Profile Finder+ which has been a mainstay in our investigations for years.

During our first investigation, the claimant’s consented data failed to supply useful information regarding her physical capabilities due to the claimant utilising Strava’s privacy settings. However, since the first investigation was conducted, considerable time and effort was put into developing Profile Finder+ 2.0, and by the time we conducted our second investigation we were able to uncover much more evidence. This included evidence the claimant had continued to maintain an active lifestyle, recording six runs, ten bike rides and two swims to her Strava account post-incident. We were able to uncover this information despite the account remaining private, providing our client with extremely pertinent information that would not have been accessible during our first investigation.

Below are some snapshots of the data we pulled and our analysis.

These case studies are just a few examples where an updated investigation made a real tangible difference to our clients. If you have an ongoing insurance claim, NetWatch would love to help you uncover the truth about the validity of a claim. Contact us now at marketing@netwatchglobal.com to learn more.

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