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We’ve been performing OSINT background searches for clients for over 10 years, so we know that finding accurately attributed data for your investigations is a time-consuming task. The sheer number of OSINT sources sees to that, and more are cropping up all the time. It’s hard to keep track of them all!

That’s precisely why we developed Profile Finder+, the OSINT tool that let’s you find profiles like an expert. We’ve already located all those hundreds of OSINT data sources so you don’t have to. With Profile Finder+ users have access to a variety of up-to-date databases, including our own proprietary lists and hundreds of millions of data points that can link to your query. Searches on over 150 social sites are undertaken in real time and results are returned within seconds, with results delivered in 9 out of 10 searches.

Originally developed for our in-house team of OSINT analysts, Profile Finder+ has been helping our analysts deliver for our clients for years and now it’s available for you to use as well!

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More Reasons to Choose Profile Finder+

Secure and compliant with all legislation including GDPR

Easy to use, search by email or mobile number

Highly accurate, be confident you’re locating the right social media profiles

Real Profiles Guaranteed

If you have an email address or mobile number just enter it into the system and in seconds return a range of fully attributed profiles. This means that we guarantee that they are connected or have been connected in the past to at least one of the contact points you searched on. Dramatically reducing the time it takes you to guarantee the located profiles belong to the right person – and ensuring that they are found in the first place.

The Whole Digital Footprint

If Profile Finder+ locates any attributed profiles with usernames, such as a Twitter or Instagram account, it will automatically search for matching usernames on over 200 other platforms. Whilst we cannot guarantee that these profiles belong to the subject of interest, we know that many people use the same usernames across many platforms. If any matches are located, you have the opportunity view these matches and try to attribute them manually. Unattributed sources include Telegram, eBay, TikTok, reddit and many many more.

Flexible and Pay as you Go

There are no registration, onboarding or costly license fees for each user, simply pay as you go for the searches you use. Profile Finder+ can be easily accessed through the NetWatch OSINT ToolSuite dashboard from any PC or mobile device, more information on the system can be located HERE.

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