Dec 09 2019

The NetWatch internship

Current intern Haley Ho reflects following the first chapter of her internship at NetWatch.

Current intern Haley Ho reflects following the first chapter of her internship at NetWatch.

The first thing I noticed about the company was how much responsibility I was given as an Intern. During the first week we were taught the necessary skills and tricks in order to gather intelligence for reports, and after this, I was excited to put my newly learned skills in action! As a ‘Junior Intelligence Analyst’, I had the opportunity to conduct research and was challenged to think of different ways of locating information. From the beginning, NetWatch provided us all with the necessary training and made us feel comfortable asking questions if there was anything that we needed help on. Moreover, I had immediately built up a good support network as I had started with 5 other interns who were all sharing this experience with me.

In the three months that I have been at NetWatch, I have already gained invaluable experience. I was excited to learn how to use our in-house NetWatch software and further develop my IT and writing skills. Reflecting on my experience so far, the quality of my writing has improved, I have become more attentive to detail and have been encouraged by my colleagues to look deeper, as they have offered different ways of solving problems. As an intern, I am currently tasked with client liaison, financial responsibilities, and more recently, my individual project, which will help benefit the business as well as ourselves.

Personally, I believe that the most satisfying part of the job is hitting your target: being in a target driven environment has made me to organise my time effectively and motivated me to work to the best of my ability. I also love that NetWatch have adopted a flexi-time system, with the office being so close to the city centre, I’ve had time to leave early and do some shopping! A highlight of working at NetWatch would definitely be my wonderful colleagues, everyone is friendly and always willing to help. We often go on socials together, such as Bongo’s Bingos, beer pong, bowling, and the German Markets. These events have provided me with a great opportunity to get to know everybody on the team within a social environment.

I had not considered enrolling on a placement when I began my second year at university, but I am so thankful that I applied. After reading about the Junior Intelligence Analyst internship at NetWatch, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I know that my time here at NetWatch will be beneficial to help me further my career and will make me more prepared for my final year at university. I know that I will make the most of this internship and I’m looking forward to my remaining time here.


“At Netwatch there are always challenges to take on, and you are never left with nothing to do! Each day is different, as each case you take on brings unique challenges and requires you to think outside the box. The office environment is very chilled, from having a smart casual dress code, to the flexi-time schedule which allows us to work our hours around what’s best for us!”

  • Manisha
    “My internship at NW provided an excellent opportunity to improve my skills and gain insight of the workplace in the intelligence sector. Being trained by NW analysts allowed me to obtain valuable knowledge about open source investigation and the importance of social media searches. I am looking forward to the next months of my internship and the opportunity given to me to propose my own project, which could potentially impact on NW.”
  • Maria
    “I enjoy working at NetWatch Global because since day one we had the possibility to work on real cases and because we can organise our own schedule and work independently on different tasks. On top of that, I really like the friendly and relaxed environment of the office, where everyone is always happy to help and support you.”
  • Annalisa
    “My Placement at Netwatch Global as a Junior intelligence Analyst has taught me so many new skills and gave me confidence that I didn’t have before my time here”
  • Fallon-Mae

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