Dec 13 2021

Sustainability at NetWatch

Learn more on our sustainability journey at NetWatch

The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of the day, on any day, and here at NetWatch we’re committed to optimising our environmental practices and introducing initiatives to encourage our staff to be more sustainable both in the office and out in the world. As part of this, we have created this permanent page on our website to provide an overview of our current position on our sustainability journey, covering energy, paper, travel and general waste.

As a service-based company, our physical overheads are low, but we believe that there is always room for improvement. At this stage in our sustainability journey, we’re focusing on actual changes to the business structure to eliminate processes which cause unnecessary waste, rather than carbon offset schemes. In particular we are looking to tackle our consumption of single-use plastic in our office, which we will achieve by substituting out plastic-rich products with compostable or recyclable alternatives.

During 2020, NetWatch moved to Alpha Tower, a property operated by CEG, which has enabled us to make several improvements to our sustainability position. This includes switching to a 100% renewable tariff, which has been particularly important for us as we are an electronics-heavy company. Alpha Tower has a number of initiatives which align closely with our own sustainability goals; including a commitment to achieve 100% diversion of waste from landfill and currently achieves a 67% recycling rate.

Birmingham as a whole is making steps to improve sustainability with the introduction of the Clean Air Zone and improved public transportation and pedestrian links and boasts the UK’s largest zero waste store, The Clean Kilo. Here at NetWatch we’re looking to capitalise on these benefits and work with local suppliers in order to continuously improve our environmental position and gradually work towards net zero.

For more information on our efforts visit the new sustainability section of the website here.

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