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Profiling is the core service provided at NetWatch and we are always working hard to provide our clients with the information they need in a cost effective and timely manner.

Claimant profiling is the most sought after type of profiling carried out by NetWatch. This service provides a less intrusive means of investigation than more traditional measures utilised to investigate insurance claims, such as surveillance, and offers much less risk to the insurer and their brand. Since the inception of Netwatch in 2013 we have grown our team of expert intelligence analysts substantially and are now carrying out over 6000 claimant profiling reports a year relating to insurance claims alone.

Being the largest investigation company in the UK with a sole focus on online intelligence and social media investigation, we are constantly seeking to improve the quality of profiling reports and the processes behind the service, together with developing our own innovative methods of locating information. We guarantee that we will locate all relevant open source intelligence on the subject of your investigation, with our analysts combing all available datasets and utilising our own specialist in house intelligence tools.

Although our profiling service is predominantly used by many of the largest insurers in the UK to provide insight relevant to claims investigation and fraud investigation, we also operate on behalf of recruiters and HR professionals seeking to better understand their candidates or conduct pre-employment vetting. Netwatch profiling is also utilised by anti-illicit trade teams across the world, in various legal matters, and as part of larger bespoke investigations.

In using Netwatch our clients get peace of mind that their investigations will be conducted in line with all relevant legislation, that all information available will be located, and critically that any open source or social media intelligence provided can be used as evidence.

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