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Manufacturing Warranty & Liability Claims

Breaking the mould for manufacturers facing high value warranty and liability claims through social media and open source investigations

The claims culture of modern society can often mean that manufacturers are faced with significant brand damage, negative media and often a heft liability claim when something goes wrong but for many companies these claims may not be as seems. NetWatch Global work with international manufacturing brands producing motor vehicles, FMCG products, machinery and other items to understand the information behind the claims they receive. In manufacturing the risk and loss can sometime even come from your own staff so NetWatch Global’s portfolio of solutions can help to understand internal and external risks associated with claims, large losses and liability.

Our significant experience in working with Insurers and TPA’s to investigate warranty and liability claims have given us a unique view of the challenges faced by manufactures in managing and refuting these claims. We offer an end to end investigation and surveillance service which helps companies to establish whether claims are genuine. Because we work closely with the ICO and adhere to Data Protection and GDPR Policies any of the services we provide are 100% compliant and fully admissible in court. In fact, our evidence has consistently been used by companies to refute or settle claims out of court and event to charge individuals with Contempt of Court.

News Report - NetWatch support Network Rail with intelligence & evidence

If your business is suffering from any of the following, then please get in touch…

Fraudulent Public Liability Claims      |      Employee Absenteeism      |      Long-Term Sickness      |      Staff Corruption
Brand Damage      |      Data Leakage      |      Staff Corruption      |      Employer Liability Claims
Profit Erosion      |      Collusion      |      Corporate Espionage      |      Social Media Abuse      |      HR Issues
Kidnap & Ransom      |     Fraudulent Warranty Claims      |      Product Recall Fraud      | Corporate Espionage

NetWatch can assist Profit Protection with…

Supply Chain Investigation      |      Mystery Shopping Services      |      Stock Leakage Investigation

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