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Insurance Claims Investigation

We’re trusted by leading companies and governments

Insurers, self-insured entities and the medico-legal profession have fully embraced the use of NetWatch Global as the leading open source and social media intelligence tool in the personal injury market. Our insurance claims investigation solutions provide our clients with innovative, informative and cost-efficient intelligence and insight into a claim.

Our detailed reports provide irrefutable evidence and justification, where a personal injury claim is exaggerated or in some way fraudulent and ensure that subsequent surveillance or other actions are proportionate and justified. Furthermore, it is worth noting that in around 35% of cases our reports prove that surveillance is not justified, therefore allowing our clients to prove that they have taken a balanced view relative to their handling of a claim and the investigative resources at their disposal. Ultimately NetWatch Global allows sound commercial decisions to be made that fundamentally affect the way a claim is handled. It also allows genuine claimants to receive rapid rehabilitation and settlement without being subjected to the intense scrutiny often associated with physical surveillance.

NetWatch Global is used by our clients looking for insight, information and ultimately evidence for the following:

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NetWatch Global provide expert profiling services to a range of industries, giving our clients the peace of mind that if there is information available then we will find it. Critically, we ensure that any intelligence gathered can be used as evidence in court.

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Incident Investigation

From car crashes to huge building collapses and everything in between, our innovative software consistently allows us to provide clients with a clearer picture of events, whether the incident happened last week or years ago. NetWatch Global provide everything from images and videos of the scene, to witnesses and their comments and details of those involved.

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Witness Location & Tracing

NetWatch Global provide our clients with the contact details they need quickly and accurately. Through supplementing traditional data sources with live and up-to-date social media investigation, we find that our clients frequently report better trace success rates when using our services.

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Pet Insurance Claims

From livestock to equine and household pets; our solutions for assessing all types of Pet Insurance Claims provide fast and reliable intelligence and evidence to defend claims where fraud is identified. Our pet offering is a bespoke pet claims solution uniquely tailored for our Pet Insurance clients' requirements.

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Holiday Sickness Claims

NetWatch Global investigate thousands of fraudulent holiday sickness claims every year. Our unique offering provides fast, effective and reliable open source and social media intelligence; which our clients frequently utilise to reject or refute false claims.

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Commercial Claims

Whether you’re a Manufacturer, Retailer, FMCG Company or Hospitality Company, when a commercial liability claim is made you need to be prepared to defend your case. Clients from around the globe rely on NetWatch Global to provide critical intelligence in a timely manner, locate witnesses and to capture any evidence of fraud. Bespoke intelligence solutions are tailored to every client’s needs.

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Travel Insurance Claims

Opportunistic fraudsters frequently pursue exaggerated travel claims, meaning our clients rely on us to provide them with the intelligence they need in order to rapidly make the right decisions when handling these claims.

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Home Insurance Claims

NetWatch Global offer a variety of solutions to all types of home claims, from flood damage to theft or damage of property. Our clients rely on us to provide very fast intelligence so that genuine claims can be resolved quickly and potential fraud scrutinised further.

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