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Retail, e-Commerce & FMCG

Whether selling online, distributing product via supply chain or facing the threat of counterfeit goods eroding your profit margins our portfolio of solutions can help. We use web-based intelligence and analysis to find the source of your issue and provide innovative solutions to eliminate the problem.

NetWatch Global are the leading provider of open source claims investigation, intelligence and evidence

In the modern competitive retail space profitability is key to success. Businesses that allow fraud and shrinkage to erode their bottom line face certain, inevitable doom. At NetWatch Global we believe in helping businesses to proactively reduce shrinkage and fraudulent losses through non-intrusive solutions.

Our covert investigation and surveillance capability give you the ability to investigate and collect evidence without customers, staff or other third parties being aware. This means zero impact to your brand perception, staff morale or customer satisfaction.

Whether your problem is staff recruitment, goods lost in transit claims, customer data theft, stock leakage or counterfeit goods NetWatch Global can help. Our unique portfolio of solutions enable us to address even the most sensitive of issues with zero footprint and maximum evidence.

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If your business is suffering from any of the following, then please get in touch:

Profit Protection
Supply Chain Investigation      |      Mystery Shopping Services      |      Stock Leakage Investigation      |      Profit Erosion      |      Customer Data Theft

Fraudulent Claims
Goods Lost in Transit (GLIT) Claims      |      Fraudulent Public Liability Claims      |      Slip & Trip      |      Fraudulent Warranty Claims

Brand Damage
Product Recall Fraud      |      Counterfeit Goods      |      Illicit Trade      |      Social Media Abuse

HR Issues
Employee Screening & Vetting      |      Long Term Sickness      |      Employee Absenteeism      |      Employee Corruption      |      Fraud & Crime

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