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At NetWatch Global we offer the market leading solutions for online, open source and social media investigation, intelligence and surveillance. Whether you are an insurance company being faced by fraudulent personal or commercial lines claims or a retail brand experiencing leakage from your supply chain we can help.

At the heart of our business we ensure that any solutions we provide are underpinned by our core values of:

  • Integrity
  • Accuracy
  • Innovation
  • Compliance

This means that the information, intelligence and insight we can provide you are fully admissible in a court of law and our evidence packs ensure that the critical proof is never lost. Explore our solutions below:


Insurance Claims Investigation

NetWatch Global provides the UK’s leading Insurers, Brokers, TPA's and Legal Firms with critical insight on insurance claims. Our Claimant Profiling and Incident Investigation solutions offer critical intelligence on a claim to ensure customers are treated fairly. Whether a Personal Injury Claim, a Holiday Sickness Claim or a Employer Liability Claim NetWatch Global have the intelligence to support your business.

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Human Resource (HR) Screening & Profiling

Your employees are considered a reflection of your organisation and each one carries your brand and reputation in their hands. Traditional HR screening and background checks don't consider the possibility of reputational damage. At NetWatch Global we're different and take a 360° view of candidates and current employees to mitigate risk to your business.

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Corporate Risk Solutions

In this modern age organisations face significant cyber-security, data and compliance risks. Combine this with the ability for people to extract vast amounts of confidential data at the click of a button and this can present organisations with a significant threat. Whether the threat is external, internal or competitive our Corporate Risk Solutions can support your business and eliminate risk from the equation.

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Retail, e-Commerce & FMCG

Whether transacting online, distributing product via supply chain or facing the threat of counterfeit goods eroding your profit margins our portfolio of solutions can help. We use web-based intelligence and analysis to find the source of your issue and provide innovative solutions to eliminate the problem.

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Manufacturing Warranty & Liability Claims

Breaking the mould for manufacturers facing high value warranty and liability claims through social media and opensource investigation.

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