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Tianjin Explosions

Tianjin Explosions

On the 12th of August 2015 a series of massive explosions at Ruihai International Logisitics warehouses caused China’s worst industrial disaster in years. The explosions shattered windows and tore facades of buildings for miles around.

In the aftermath insurers across the world were unsure how damaged their insured premises were around the periphery of the blasts and turned to NetWatch for assistance. Many of our clients insured workplaces, public buildings, warehouses and storage facilities and urgently needed to assess the damage and their exposure.

Within hours NetWatch was able to obtain images and videos of the sites concerned – with many employees in the area returning to their workplaces and photographing, videoing and even live streaming damage to their employers buildings across Chinese social media.

In collating and analysing the information obtained NetWatch were able to give our clients the information they needed to assess the damage extremely quickly, and without the need to have boots on the ground in China.

NetWatch regularly investigate incidents on any scale in order to give our clients a fuller picture of the event, assess their liability, accurately set a reserve, locate witnesses, or even identify those injured.

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