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Slip & Trip Fraud Ring

Slip & Trip Fraud Ring

NetWatch Global were instructed when our client received a tip off that an individual had been approaching people offering them money to make a claim against them.

We were provided with a list of 130 claims emanating from the same claimant solicitor, who had fallen under suspicion having been mentioned in the tip off.

Using our in house software and unique methods of interrogating social media, NetWatch were able to identify a social media presence for 62% of the claimants involved. These profiles included those held under different names and aliases that would have gone unfound without our bespoke software.

Our team of expert analysts were subsequently able to unearth a network of links between 81 of those involved, and pinpoint the ringleaders. Crucially all the links NetWatch located could be proved evidentially, with the analysts prepared to be scrutinised on the data in a court room if necessary.

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