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Nikon D610 SLR Camera

Nikon D610 SLR Camera

NetWatch Global were instructed when our client became suspicious that their insured may fraudulently be claiming for a large amount of stolen camera equipment. We were informed that the hirer of the equipment had located photographs of the insured using the equipment since it was allegedly stolen. As such, we were requested to utilise our social media tools in order to locate any information which may support or refute this claim.

Using our unique methods of interrogating social media, NetWatch were able to identify a social media presence for the insured whereby an array of photographs were located of him using the alleged stolen equipment post-incident. Additionally, using our in house software, NetWatch were able to trace a current address for the insured by tracing the exact locations from which his photographs originated from.

Due to the information identified, our report was disclosed to the insured and the claim was resolved immediately.

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