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Netwatch Uncover Serial Offender

Netwatch Uncover Serial Offender

Netwatch were instructed by a leading insurance company to investigate the lifestyle and criminal background of an individual who had presented them with a potentially costly claim. The individual had been involved in an incident in his place of work, when he was driving a forklift which he alleged malfunctioned and crashed into his personal vehicle, causing damage to himself and the car.

Netwatch’s Intelligence Analysts were instructed on the case in order to ascertain any information which may support or refute his claim.

Firstly, Netwatch located the claimant’s social media sites, which up to this point had gone un-located due to the subject using online aliases. Our subsequent investigations into these accounts confirmed how the claimant was able to continue leading an active social life despite his listed injuries.

Additionally, our expert team of analysts utilised their open source knowledge in order to locate several news articles and websites which unearthed that the claimant had in fact been taken to court with regards to this case. It was detailed how the claimant was believed to have purposely crashed the vehicle, and had subsequently admitted to stealing several items of equipment from his place of employment in order to hold this ransom against his managers until they had paid his alleged damages. Further searches ascertained how the claimant had a previous backlog of theft, having stolen over £50,000 worth of goods in the past and spent several stints in prison.

We were also able to confirm to the client that the claimant had been imprisoned for 14 months following the index-incident.

NetWatch locate and review every piece of open source information available with regards to a claimant, ensuring that that we are able to provide the client with intelligence extracted from various sources. We guarantee that we will locate all a subjects social media accounts, and ensure that nothing is missed. Helping our clients make an informed decision regarding the validity or extent of each claim received, and crucially ensuring that any intelligence gathered can be used in court if necessary.

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