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Netwatch Exposes Fraudster

Netwatch Exposes Fraudster

NetWatch Global was instructed by a top UK insurer facing a six-figure pay-out to investigate a claimant’s social media activity following an accident involving his motorbike. We were informed that the insurer’s initial enquiries were inconclusive and as such, we were eager to have our intelligence analysts investigate the case.

NetWatch successfully located the claimant’s Facebook account containing numerous photographs of the accident scene. Alongside this we were able to provide a detailed account of the claimant’s injuries and established that he was reliant on mobility aids for at least three months following the accident. More significantly, NetWatch identified a conversation on Facebook in which the claimant admitted to lying to Police; stating he was driving at 30mph at the time of the incident when in fact he was driving at 75mph whilst attempting to perform an illegal manoeuvre. We also identified two witnesses to the incident, both unknown up to that point.

Due to the information identified in our report, Netwatch was instructed by the insurer to produce an evidence package containing all of the posts and photographs identified in our report, which was subsequently used in court proceedings. As a result, the case was settled almost instantaneously.

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